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Who are we?

We are a team comprising of expert data scientists, web/app developers, and data engineers

We have provided services to the public sector, NGOs, small firms, and individuals - and look forward to working with you too!


Serdar Buyukkanli

Serdar leads our Web & mobile development team. He has over the years developed many apps for large and small firms incl. the famous Patievi app. He is adept at providing an aesthetically pleasing app which also run smoothly. His products have won many awards. His team can develop from scratch or improve your already published apps

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Dr Fatma Arslan

Fatma has recently completed her PhD in Law at the University of Leicester, where she has also worked as a member of the teaching staff. She is involved in project management and provides legal consultancy to our clients

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Dr Mesut Erzurumluoglu

Mesut leads our Data science team. He is an experienced data scientist who has worked in some of the world's best academic groups (incl. the University of Cambridge). He has published over thirty papers in some of the most prestigious journals

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Dr Okhan Er

Okhan has a wealth of experience in project management and business analysis. With close attention to detail and the ability to examine different aspects of the projects, his team can help achieve your targets and more

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Safiye Hasna Erzurumluoglu

Safiye has considerable expertise and practical experience in various fields of Information Technology. She has provided services to reputable banks and telecommunications companies. Her Data engineering team will assist you with any IT Support, Business Intelligence Solutions, Database Management and Information Security matters

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Dan Ball

Dan has over five years experience in Art education. He has considerable experience in a large host of Art mediums and will be able to help with all design needs.

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Sam Strack

Sam studied mechanical engineering at Coventry University, specialising in control, electronics and project management.

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