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Big Data Analysis & Visualisation

We can offer consultation and help on how best to analyse and present your data - below are some of the analyses and visualisations our team members have produced:

Weekly Excess Deaths in Istanbul

Figure displaying Weekly excess deaths in Istanbul (2020 compared to 2015-19 averages) – this was picked up by a famous science journal in Turkey (Sarkaç) and a Turkish version of this figure is shared weekly by them

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 20.56.12.png

Genome-wide Association Study of Lung Function

A ‘Circos’ plot showing the results of a Genome-wide association study of lung function – this figure displays the key results of a study published in the prestigious journal Nature Genetics. Results are displayed clockwise from chromosome 1 to 22. The peaks in red are newly discovered genetic regions, and the blue ones were previously identified by other groups. Millions of genetic variants from tens of thousands of individuals were analysed in this study.


Nature Index Rankings of the Top 50 Countries

Figure showing the ‘Nature Index’ rankings of the top 50 countries – to do this we accessed the right data and used R programming to visualise the results in an informative but also aesthetic way


Number of Citations and h-index

Figure showing the number of citations and h-index of Dr Mesut Erzurumluoglu – we proposed that a similar version of this figure be inserted in the CVs of many postdocs who were looking for a job and requested a review of their CVs and personal statements. We are pleased to say most of the postdocs found a job. We also reviewed the CV and personal statements of prospective PhD students.


Number of Papers Published by Turkish State Universities on a Map of Turkey

Figure showing the number of papers published by Turkish state universities on a map of Turkey – an efficient way to visualise a large table (blue: highest category; red: lowest).

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