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Web & App Development

We can offer consultation and help on how best to design and develop your website and apps - below are some examples our team members have contributed to:


Dergilik, as the app has been named, has grown to be Turkey’s largest digital publishing platform with over 20 million subscribers and content that includes both local and global newspapers and magazines. With exclusive features like access to articles that are yet to be published, Dergilik continues to attract new users everyday.


Patievi - Pet Adoption Platform

Patievi is a pet adoption platform which allows you to easily adopt from pet owners and pet shelters.

Screen Shot 2020-11-01 at 21.27.51.png

Kingo Game

An ecosystem for purchasing game codes that are valid across a wide range of platforms. With instalment options, and 3D-Secure payment, KingoGame is perfect for the bargain chasing gamer.

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